What does hitting training and ‘hair removal’ have to do with it? Complaints of a coach who used to throw a batting ball

“Daein-ah, I’m having a hard time. It’s not the first time or two that I feel sick to my stomach watching you raise your arm while throwing a ball.”

KIA Tigers coach Lee Hyeon-gon earnestly asked Hwang Dae-in to ‘remove his armpits’.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the first training of the KIA Tigers’ spring camp began at the Tucson Training Center in Arizona, USA. Coach Lee Hyeon-gon was raising the ball for batters toss batting training. 슬롯사이트

When it was Hwang Dae-in’s turn, coach Lee Hyeon-gon’s expression began to wail.

The weather in Tucson on this day was quite chilly in the morning due to the severe temperature difference between day and night. All the other players trained in long clothes, but the hot guy Hwang Dae-in was sweating profusely even in a sleeveless T-shirt.

Hwang Dae-in stretched his arms outstretched before batting the toss. Then, coach Lee complained, “Dae In-ah, please shave your armpits. It’s so hard to throw a ball because I’m sick inside.”

Even Socrates, who had become half-Korean, somehow understood what he was saying, so he approached Daein Hwang from behind and pretended to pluck his armpit hair.

However, the more he did, the more playful Hwang Dae-in was stimulated. Hwang Dae-in bothered coach Lee by repeatedly lifting an arm that could only be lifted once.

Coach Lee Bum-ho, who was watching from the side, burst into laughter. Hwang Dae-in’s charm that you can’t hate no matter what you do. You can check it in the video.

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