Why do you watch the video of Seungyoon Kwak, Seunghyeon Kim and Yuki Togashi in ‘Songdo High School’?

“Yuki is shorter than me, but he is doing well in the Japanese league, so we will see how to get that kind of evaluation.”

Songdo High has many talented players despite their short stature. Kwak Seung-yoon (176cm, G) is one of them. Kwak Seung-yoon shows off his scoring ability even while stirring up the opponent’s defense.

Lee Chan-young said, “I feel like the center of the team. He is a player who coordinates the game as a whole and can score goals when needed,” explained Kwak Seung-yoon.

Kwak Seung-yoon, who met ahead of the practice game with Kyunghee University at the Yeosu Heungguk Gymnasium on the 1st, said, “We focus on practice games rather than running like last year to keep the team together and improve the game’s stamina.” I went in, but this year, I do simple exercises and practice games. The game’s stamina comes up quickly, and it’s advantageous to be able to match the sum quickly. He plays practice games while working out, and his body gets better,” he told me how he was digesting winter training.

Kwak Seung-yoon’s official height is 176 cm. he is very small

Kwak Seung-yoon said, “I think the only downside is defense. Defense can be done if you put your mind to it. In attack, he is more confident than anyone else in terms of speed. Speed ​​is not easily blocked by anyone. When I make a break through using speed and put up a layup, I defend like a hedge to keep me in check. At that time, I look at the opportunities of my teammates.” Weight is always important. It works well if you do weight training so that you don’t lose weight against your opponent and try to follow the opponent’s defense to the end.”

Songdo-go puts a lot of effort into weight training so that the entire team doesn’t lose their strength.

Kwak Seung-yoon said, “Today (the 1st), I did weights in the morning. Since it is a physical contact exercise, I bump into my opponent a lot, so I do a lot of weight training so that I don’t get pushed out of my strength.” is also important That’s why I do both upper and lower body exercises at the same time.”

Breaking through is more brilliant when you have the 3-point shooting ability.

Kwak Seung-yoon said, “In the first place, it may seem that there is no shot because he does not attempt a 3-point shot during the game. Even before entering the winter training, I practiced the 3-point shot steadily, so I got a little better than before, and I need to get better,” he said. I am practicing a lot. After the school exercise, I catch the ball with my juniors and shoot. Personally, I try not to train or lose my senses.” 카지노

The tallest player on the team is Lee Chan-young at 192cm. If the big man reliably protects the bottom of the goal, the guards can defend more comfortably. If not, he is more burdened.

Even so, Kwak Seung-yoon said, “It’s a third grader, so I have to play with a sense of responsibility, so I have to block it properly.” He confidently said, “I can trust my teammates and play (defense) because my sum has improved while doing battery training this time.”

Kwak Seung-yoon said, “I want to be a player who works hard when others see him, is essential to the team, and is indispensable to the team.” “There are two players I want to emulate. One said, “I watch a lot of videos of senior Kim Seung-hyun of Songdo High School, and a lot of videos of Yuki Togashi of Japan.”

“Yuki is shorter than me, but he’s doing well in the Japanese league, so we’ll see how he gets that kind of evaluation. He also looks for the video because he wants to resemble that player’s attack power. Since he is short, he uses his shortness to lower his stance to enter, and he also likes jump shots and 3-point shots, so he attacks derived from it.” I watch the video because I wonder if it will stay in my head and be able to follow it.”

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