Why the hell! Doesn’t everyone hate being Tottenham manager?

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Tottenham Hotspur is a club with a successful record.스포츠토토

Of course, this could provoke anger and ridicule from other Premier League teams. I’m sure some people will say “Tottenham is a big club? Let’s not talk about it”.

However, from the late 1970s they dominated English football. It hasn’t dropped out of the top 10 since 2008. Recently, they have also advanced to the Champions League several times. In seven seasons, all but one advanced to the knockout round. Only 10 different teams have reached the final in the last 10 years and Tottenham is one of them.

Tottenham have the spending power to rival the best stadiums in the league and a massive global fan base. Looking at it this way, it seems to be an attractive team for managers. However, for some reason, the Tottenham manager’s seat remains ‘vacant’ for three months.

Tottenham will feel something after seeing Chelsea appoint manager Mauricio Pochettino. It is not because the former manager was taken away by a rival team. It’s proven that even a retrograde and directionless team like Chelsea can get the best manager.

A quick look at the league table shows Chelsea’s problems have been worse this season than Tottenham’s. But aside from the standings, there was more confusion and uncertainty at Tottenham. That is why managers avoid Tottenham.

Initial talks with Julian Nagelsmann fell apart, and the club briefed him that they were not interested in the first place. However, it is a fact that everyone knows that he has already been in contact with him twice. Isn’t it strange? It is unknown who exactly ended this conversation, but Tottenham’s behavior is somewhat contradictory.

The same was true of the recruiting process. In the past, Conte has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the squad. The point of what he said is that after two transfer windows, he still hasn’t gotten the players he wants. Conte likes practical football. But once he took the helm at Tottenham, he didn’t get that type of player. Chairman Daniel Levy also did not bother to change the recruitment strategy.

Pedro Poro and Yves Bisuma did not fit into the Conte system. The recruitment of Richarlison also failed. In the case of Sergio Reguilon, Brian Hill, and Jed Spence, director Fabio Paratici’s breath went in. Conte has said that the reason Spence is not playing is “the club’s contract”.

The situation for the football director is also not good. While at Juventus, Paratici was involved in an ‘accounting fraud’ incident and was suspended. He appealed against this, but it was dismissed and he was eventually forced to resign as general manager. A month has passed since then, but his vacancy has not been filled. Asking to take over as manager when the general manager position is vacant is a big problem. Of course, we are looking for a candidate for general manager. But there is no progress either.

The biggest problem is, of course, ‘performance’. Last season, Tottenham relied too much on Harry Kane. With Kane likely to take half of the team’s power next season, his future is uncertain. All directors involved with Tottenham will want Kane’s future to be decided.

So do other players. Heung-Min Son has been a bit underwhelming this season and the new coach may find it difficult for him to return to his peak form. Hugo Lloris is no longer stable and the full transfer of Dejan Kulusevski is uncertain.

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