Will Seoul, equipped with ‘Lim Young-woong Energy’, wash away the pain of the FA Cup in Pohang Expedition… K League 1 Round 7 Preview

 The winner of the 6th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 is FC Seoul. ‘True hero’ Lim Young-woong gave the K-League tremendous energy, and the biggest beneficiary was FC Seoul. However, in the midweek FA Cup, Seoul lost to Gimpo after a close penalty shoot-out. It’s K-League again. In the 7th round of the weekend, we will go to Pohang. Will he be able to continue the ‘hero’s energy’? Here is a preview of the 7th round of the K League 1, which will be held all over the country.

□ Match of round – Pohang VS Seoul meeting at the top level

In the 7th round, Pohang and Seoul, which are riding a good flow side by side, meet.메이저사이트

Pohang, the home team, is in second place (14 points) with an undefeated streak of 4 wins and 2 draws since the opening. The only two teams that have not lost a game until the 6th round are 1st place Ulsan and 2nd place Pohang.

In addition, Pohang scored in all but one of the previous six games, and various players such as Lee Ho-jae (3 goals), Baek Sung-dong, Jeong Jae-hee, Ko Young-jun (2 goals), and Jeka (1 goal) tasted the goals.

What’s even more surprising is that all of Pohang’s five goals, which account for half of the team’s total of 10 goals, were scored by players who were replaced in the second half. Lee Ho-jae in the 1st and 4th rounds, Baek Seong-dong and Jeka in the 5th round, and Go Yeong-jun in the 6th round are the main characters. Pohang, which has been in the mood for recent consecutive wins, will challenge its first three wins in a row in this round.

Jeonbuk also won in three games by beating Incheon 2-0 in the previous six rounds, and is aiming for the first consecutive win of the season in this game. Both teams had an overwhelming advantage last year with 3 wins from 3 matches, and Jeonbuk is ahead with a total record of 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. The match between Suwon FC and Jeonbuk, which is trying to win the first consecutive win of the season, will be held on the 15th (Sat) at 7:00 pm at Suwon Sports Complex.

□ Player of Round – Daejeon’s new goalscorer ‘Tiago’

Tiago entered the K-League 1 stage by moving to Daejeon this year after recording 2nd place (19 goals) in K-League 2 in Gyeongnam last year. In Daejeon, Thiago quickly completed his adaptation to K-League 1, scoring 4 goals at the end of the 6th round. Thiago has played in all games until the 6th round, recording 19 shots and 8 shots on target, showing a sharp appearance in each game, and the expected goal value (xG) during the same period was 2.03, ranking 2nd among all K-League 1 players. up Thiago is characterized by threatening the opponent’s goal every match by taking advantage of his strong sense of smell and decisiveness.

Currently, the team’s total score in Daejeon is 13 goals (excluding one own goal), and Thiago is responsible for about 30.8% of them alone. Thiago also scored multiple goals in the previous 5th round match against Suwon FC, boasting a high score.

Meanwhile, Daejeon is having a promotion season that exceeds expectations, such as climbing to 4th place (11 points) thanks to Thiago’s performance. Daejeon recorded an average of 14,348 spectators in its three home matches this year, the third largest average following Seoul and Ulsan, as well as decent results.

Daejeon’s opponent this weekend, who has to catch two rabbits at home, performance and spectators, is Ulsan. Ulsan is a strong team that has maintained its leading position with 6 straight wins since the opening. In particular, if Daejeon has Thiago, Ulsan also has Sweden’s special Rubikson, who is scoring 4 goals, so the confrontation between the two players is also highly anticipated. Daejeon and Ulsan’s first match of the season will be held on the 16th (Sun) at 4:30 pm at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium.

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