‘Willing to be the No. 1 shooter by 1 gradual’ Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s river… However, the 19-year-old rookie mentally collapsed

Park Myung-keun, a 19-year-old rookie who is growing up in the absolute trust of LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, has gone through the biggest ordeal since his debut.

On the 17th, Park Myeong-geun pitched in relief against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil, losing 2-3, in the 8th inning. At the end of the 4th inning, where LG trailed by 1-3, thanks to Heo Do-hwan’s 1 RBI and timely hit, LG chased by 1 point and continued to look for an opportunity to turn around. The LG mound has been putting Doosan liners to rest since the 4th inning, and coach Yeom brought out the card of Park Myeong-geun, the youngest member of Pil Seung-jo, in the 8th inning. Although Park Myeong-geun is a young player with insufficient experience, it was a choice that he believed that if he played only one inning well as usual and blocked it, the other line would be able to secure a foothold as the No. 1 shooter with 6 consecutive wins.메이저사이트

However, Park Myung-geun, whom I believed in, collapsed. The first fastball thrown to lead batter Kim Jae-hwan became a double that landed right in front of the right-middle fence. Park Myung-geun was quite shaken by the big batted ball that could have led to a home run. Doosan showed its willingness to score additional points by replacing Kim Jae-hwan with runner Jo Soo-haeng.

Park Myeong-geun set the next hitter, Yang Seok-hwan, on a shortstop grounder and tied Jo Su-haeng to second base. And he seemed to have found a sense of security. Manager Yeom ordered Yang Eui-ji, a burdensome hitter from 1st out and 2nd base, to be sent to the 4th pitch automatically. It was judged that a match between Kim Dae-han and Kang Seung-ho was better.

Here, Park Myung-geun’s title was suddenly shaken. The 1st and 2nd curves thrown at Kim Dae-han turned into balls, and the 3rd fastball was a strike, but the 4th and 5th fastballs turned into balls in succession, sending even Kim Daehan out. The same goes for Kang Seung-ho and the game in the ensuing crisis with one company loaded. It started at a disadvantage with two balls and was chased, and eventually allowed a push walk to make it 2-4.

Coach Yeom put Park Myeong-geun down and Lee Jung-yong on the mound. Lee Jeong-yong has ups and downs this year, but coach Yeom classified him as a winning team. It was a calculation to aim for a counterattack without giving any more points, but even Lee Jung-yong’s card failed. Lee Jung-yong committed a wild fight while facing first batter Park Gye-beom, calling in Yang Eui-ji, the runner in charge of Park Myung-geun, and allowed Park Gye-beom to double with 2 RBIs at the right time, increasing Park Myung-geun’s run to 4. In the wind that went up to 2-7 here, LG was completely deprived of the victory. Considering that Kim Hyun-soo hit a timely triple with 2 RBIs in the last attack opportunity at the end of the 9th inning, the 4 runs in the 8th inning felt even more painful.

It is no exaggeration to say that Park Myeong-geun is one of the pitchers Yeom believes most in Pil Seung-jo this year. Park Myeong-geun graduated from Raol High School and wore an LG uniform with the 27th rank in the 3rd round of the 2023 rookie draft. He was a player who stood out for his courageous pitching ability to throw strikes even at a young age. He made a big success with 23⅓ innings, 1 win, 5 holds, 5 saves, and an average ERA of 0.77 in 25 games for nearly two months from before Jamsil Doosan on April 14th to Jamsil Doosan on the 16th.

Park Myung-keun, who was so reliable, was a 19-year-old pitcher that day. Although his automatic 4 pitches were included, Park Myeong-geun swallowed regret by recording the most runs (3) and the most walks (3) in an individual game that day. His season earned run average soared from 2.28 to 3.54.

LG ended its 5-game winning streak, recording a season record of 38 wins, 24 losses and 2 draws, and fell from 1st to 2nd. SSG Landers, who were in second place, won 8-5 against the Lotte Giants on the 17th, recording 38 wins, 23 losses and 1 draw for the season, rising to first place..

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