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Entering his second year, he is currently undergoing bitter rehabilitation due to off-season surgery. However, he is also exercising his mind and body outside for the days when he can stand on the court. He may be shaken, but he was not lazy. 

“I always want to work hard and become a smart player. A player who understands well, has good judgment and coping skills, and plays smart. First of all, I am curious about how you spent your first off-season vacation

He’s been on vacation for two months and he doesn’t know what to do. I tend to get anxious when I gain weight, so I always went out to exercise. I did most of the weight lifting, and I also went to a rehabilitation center. Sometimes I went to (alma mater) Dongju Girls’ High School to exercise. I managed to avoid a large change in weight. 

How is your current physical condition?
I’m in rehab. My knee, which had been bad since I was young, suddenly became sore this off-season. I went to the hospital and the professor recommended surgery. I thought about it a lot, but the rehabilitation period was short and it was a simple surgery, so I decided to do it (surgery). 

What were your specific symptoms?
Osgood (Osgood-Schlatter*) disease is a disease that occurs during rapid growth. I was sick from elementary school to middle school, but it was fine when I was in high school. Even after I came to the pro, I didn’t feel the pain enough that I didn’t need taping, but I started feeling the pain again around August. Because athletes continue to use their bodies, it is said that sometimes pain can occur even in adulthood. In my case, the bones were separated, and in the process, they rubbed against other bones. So I trimmed some bones and removed the bone fragments. 
*Osgood Schlatter: Child and adolescent diseases in which the bones under the knee protrude or cause pain when the bone tissue is still less strong compared to rapid growth (Source – Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia) How long is the rehabilitation period

I had surgery at the end of November, and at the time, the rehabilitation period was about 8 weeks. Now the pain is gone a lot, and I am doing knee rehabilitation while doing upper body weights. I plan to make a comeback while watching the progress. 

It was even more difficult because it was my first off-season as a pro.
It was very difficult (laughs). After coming back, I slowly lifted my body up. In July, I did field training in Asan, and then I went to Japan for field training. 

How was the field training?
Since this year’s Asan field training, track training has disappeared. The unnies said it was fortunate (laughs). Personally, circuit training was the hardest. I had to hit my goal with my heart rate monitor on, so I worked really hard. I usually do core exercises and weights or gym circuits in the morning. The ball movement was focused on individual skills. In the afternoon, I did physical strength training and court adaptation training at the same time. I rested at night. 

What about Japanese field training?
In Japan, I focused on games. Our team has had a lot of changes in the squad. Even if there are parts that don’t match from the point of view from the bench, I think I did well because the one-on-one is so strong. On non-game days, the coach allowed me to exercise in a bright atmosphere. I think we were able to exercise happily by ourselves through the game penalties. 

Are there any stories you’ve heard a lot from the coaches and coaches?
I said you have to work out really hard. He showed a lot of interest and taught me various things. I have good strength, but my individual skills under the goal are weak. The director caught everything. He also told me to keep throwing it so that I could get used to it because it was okay not to go in. He said that I did not know how to use my strength and gave me advice in that respect. The coaches also gave me a lot of training feedback. 

How was the Park Shin-Ja Cup held in the summer?
To be honest, I was very worried at first. Our team has always been evaluated as weak in the Park Shin-Ja Cup, so the members of the Park Shin-Ja Cup came together tightly. (Noh) Hyun-ji unnie supported and encouraged me the most. The coach also said, ‘Tomorrow is better than today’. Hearing those words gives me strength, and I gained a little bit of confidence through the game. 

How about rating yourself?
About 7 out of 10. The perimeter defense was weak, so the defense when my opponent fell outside was not good, but I think the one-on-one and under-the-goal defense was okay. However, the attack is not satisfactory. When I was a student, I scored more goals than I do now, but I think I’m too busy passing in the pro game. I still lack confidence, so I aimed for more offensive rebound chances than putting them 1-on-1, but I need to make up for that.

It’s a pity that you can’t show the results of off-season training.
Yes. I worked hard during the off-season, so when I was a little sick, I put up with it. (The time I spent trying) felt like it was a waste. When I endured it and went to the hospital, I was very upset to hear such a (surgery) diagnosis. 

Is there anything you can do to overcome your regrets?
It was my first surgery, so I try to think positively because I am afraid I will keep getting depressed. I just want to be together soon. (Oh) I’m roommates with Seung-won unnie, and her older sister also has an injury experience, so she’s comforted a lot. My classmate (Kim) Eun-seon is also not good at expressing herself, but she worries about me a lot, so it gives me strength. 

I also want to share a story about the beginning of basketball. 
When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school (from Gimhae), I transferred to Busan. My brother is going to go to high school in Busan. The whole family moved. When I was in 6th grade after transferring from Guseocho in Gimhae to Daeshin Elementary in Busan, I went to see a tournament my friends from my basketball club participated in. At that time, I came to the Dongju Girls’ Middle School competition, and Mandeok Huh, who was the coach at Dongju Girls’ Middle School at the time, offered me a scout. I was on the tall side at 174 cm. 

Have you always enjoyed exercising?
Ever since I was little, I loved running around and playing ball. I didn’t like studying. I couldn’t even do it (laughs). 

Were your parents willing to give your permission?
yes. He said if you want to do it, do it. Rather, I think it’s closer to what you liked. I was tall and I liked to eat. 

After attending Dongju Girls’ Middle School, she entered Dongju Girls’ High School. How did you spend your time in high school?
When I entered the first grade, there were about 6 students in my grade. There were no third-year sisters, and there were two second-year sisters. It was a situation where freshmen had to leave the game right away, but three of my classmates were injured during winter training. In the end, I couldn’t go to the competition because there were not enough people. In my sophomore year, competitions were canceled one after another due to corona. In my 3rd year, I participated in the weekend league, the association flag, and the federation president, but it was regrettable that my grades were worse than expected. 

I think I was worried a lot because it was the time before the draft. 
I was so anxious. I didn’t show anything, and my grades weren’t good. I just had to work hard. What I could say fortunately was that I got good grades in middle school. I have experience winning as a team, and I have always been above average. I also won a silver medal in the youth sports competition. Personally, I even received a rebound award. After coming to the pro, I also heard stories like, “They said you did well in middle school.” 

Let’s briefly look back at the time after joining the pros.
I was so distracted at the beginning that I don’t remember very well. As time passed and I got used to it, the unnies were so cool. It felt like my shoulders were lifting. ‘My sister is doing well. I feel like I’m on the same team’ (laughs). Sometimes when I have free time (due to the difference in points), I play a lot with (Kim) Eun-seon. I think I enjoyed it the most when Eun-seon created a shot opportunity on my screen or when I scored a goal in a 2-2 match. So, the season ended.  온라인카지노

Is there anything you care about when you become a pro?
I think my body is the most important thing, so I am taking supplements such as vitamins and joint medicine. I also eat well. And (as the coach is saying), if there is something you don’t understand, talk a lot with your teammates, and at night, the younger players guess the confusing patterns. I am constantly trying to fill in what the coaches and coaches have told me.

Finally, a word of goals and resolutions.
I always want to work hard and become a smart player. A player who understands well, has good judgment and coping skills, and plays smart. First of all, if I finish my rehabilitation well and am given time to return to play during the season, I will try to become a player who does the basics, such as dirty work. And while I haven’t shown much yet, I’m off the court due to an injury. However, I would like to say thank you to the fans who continue to support us. We will work hard to rehabilitate and show you a healthy image on the court!

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