‘Work-ethic controversy→Refrain from going to 2nd team’ NC Park Gun-woo, “I talked to the manager. I’ll enjoy today” [2023 All-Star].

“I’m going to enjoy today바카라사이트.”

NC Dinos Park Gun-woo (33) spoke out for the first time since the work ethic controversy. Ahead of the ‘2023 KBO All-Star Game’ at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 15th, Park said, “I had a conversation with the manager about the recent controversy surrounding him. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say right now because it’s a conversation with the manager. I told him that I met with him earlier.”

Park was dropped from the first team roster on the 3rd. He had requested a substitution during the game against Suwon KT on the previous two days, and coach Kang Myung-ho took the decision to remove him from the first-team roster as a way to undermine the value of the ‘one team’. At the time, Kang said, “I know you’re all wondering, but I hope you don’t read too much into it. It is true that Park Gun-woo complained of discomfort here and there during last week’s game,” he said, “but as a senior player, I think he has not only skills but also virtues that he should have. As I said when I became the head coach, I have a direction that I don’t want him to do anything that deviates from the original team. I was very disappointed with Park Gun-woo in that regard.”

[OSEN=Changwon, Lee Seok-woo Reporters] NC Dinos Head Coach Kang In-hwon 053 2023.07.13 / foto0307@osen.co.kr

[OSEN=Jamsil, Kim Sung-rak] On the afternoon of the 28th, the game between the Doosan Bears and the NC Dinos in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ was held at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul.In the top of the 9th inning, NC Park Gun-woo, who was on first base, high-fives manager Kang Myung-ho in the dugout after hitting a sacrifice fly. 28 June 2023 /ksl0919@osen.co.kr

“It’s not about taming players, it’s not about discipline. As I’ve always said, I’m sending them a message that they shouldn’t deviate from my principles.”

However, Kang’s standards for Park were strict and decisive. On the 13th, the final day of the first half, Park was available for the first team against Changwon Lotte, but Kang did not call him up.

He said, “I am receiving reports from the second team coaches. I’m being briefed on my training attitude as well as my game,” he said, adding, “I don’t want to put any meaning on words like reflection or forgiveness. I think it’s important to play with a certain mindset and practice faithfully, so that’s what I’m going to check.” He hoped that his attitude towards training would change, not just his record or condition.

First of all, according to Park Gun-woo, he had a meeting with coach Kang In-hwa between the past seven and nine days. At the time, the first team was playing a three-game series against Samsung at the Changwon NC Park. The second team also played Lotte at Masan Stadium in Changwon, which is located right next door. It is believed that Kang’s opinion and Park’s thoughts were exchanged at the Changwon NC Park.

[OSEN=Busan, Reporter Lee Dae-sun] In the Future All-Star Game, the Northern League All-Stars (Hanwha, LG, Goyang, SSG, Doosan) defeated the Southern League All-Stars (Sangsung, NC, Samsung, Lotte, KT, KIA).The Northern All-Stars defeated the Southern All-Stars 9-7 in the 2023 KBO Future All-Star Game held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 14th. NC’s Park Gun-woo celebrates on the field after the game.

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