Yoon Seok-min from Beijing and Lee Jung-hoo from Jakarta… AG final roster, it ain’t over ’til it’s over

Lee Jung-hoo (25‧ Kiwoom), who has grown into a representative player of the KBO League, performed well at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and won a gold medal around his neck. However, it is paradoxical that Lee Jung-hoo was originally a player who should not have been in Indonesia at the time.

At that time, the final list for the Jakarta-Palembang competition was decided on June 11, 2018. Initially, Lee Jung-hoo’s name was not on this list. Lee Jung-hoo, who debuted on the first team stage in 2017, showed good performances from his debut season and won the rookie award. So, the possibility of selection was raised, but priority went to other players with more experience.스포츠토토

However, right before the tournament, the national team suddenly changed the entry of 4 out of 24 players. Excluding Cha Woo-chan (LG‧ affiliated team at the time), Jeong Chan-heon (LG), Choi Jeong (SK), and Park Gun-woo (Doosan) from the roster, Choi Won-tae (Nexen), Jang Pil-jun (Samsung), Hwang Jae-gyun (kt), and Lee Jeong-hoo were selected. will be. Seon Dong-yeol, head coach of the national team at the time, explained, “Four players, including Cha Woo-chan, suffered major and minor injuries, so we decided to replace them because we judged that they would not be able to perform at their normal level as national players at the time of the Asian Games.”

In fact, not all of the four missing players were seriously injured. However, the poor physical condition was affecting the performance, and in the end, the players who were still in the best condition at the time were mostly selected. Lee Jung-hoo, who was concentrating on the season, made that fortune through his efforts. In this event, he won a gold medal and received military service benefits, and later had an opportunity to challenge early in the major leagues.

Even in the Olympics, which is the highest level of the Asian Games, the entry was changed just before the event. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lim Tae-hoon (Doosan), who was shaken right before the competition, changed to Yun Seok-min (KIA), who was rather improving his condition ahead of the competition. Yoon Seok-min proved that the KBO’s decision was not wrong by contributing to the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. Changing the entry even after submitting the final list remains as a case that symbolizes that it is not that difficult as long as there is a ‘determination’ even if it is not a major injury.

The final list of 24 players for the baseball team to participate in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open late in a year in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), was announced on the 9th. The call for the tournament is held only in mid-September, but the national team list was decided three to four months in advance. Of course, the Power Reinforcement Committee had no choice but to be deeply troubled. Current skill judgments can be made quite clearly. But no one knows what will happen in 3-4 months.

On the 9th, Cho Gye-hyun, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, also explained the grievance, saying, “The committee has had long meetings every week for about three months.” Since the competition is not being held right now, we had to focus on our current skills as well as our future. So, there was a case where a player who is currently injured entered the entry. Gu Chang-mo (NC), who is expected to be the ace of the national team, is a representative case.

Regarding the selection of Koo Chang-mo, Chairman Cho explained, “As a result of our investigation, we determined that the degree of injury was minor and that he could join after recovering sufficiently during the remaining period of more than three months.” It is not an injury that will last for three months, and if there are no additional injuries, it is judged that he will be able to show the skills and condition of a representative player at the time of the tournament.

However, players do not prepare for the competition while resting. Not only professional players, but also the only amateur player, Jang Hyeon-seok (Masan Yongma High School), must continue to compete in leagues and competitions. Unexpected injuries can come at any time in this process. Also, it is not an easy task to maintain a steady level of performance that does not cause controversy over quality. Maybe the players on the national team list now need a heavy sense of responsibility for the remaining time.

Players who were on the preliminary list but were unfortunately eliminated need to do their best until the end if they want the Taegeuk mark. This is because there is a possibility that the door to be selected as a replacement may be opened in the event of an injury or a seriously degraded player. A KBO official explained, “In the case of injured players, the rules of the tournament have not been finalized, but they can be replaced with players in the reserve entry before the game.” The final list has been confirmed, but it is not over until the game to announce the opening of the tournament begins.

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