“Young juniors, I hope many come to visit…” A request for a success story of a late bloomer, Okinawa is a novice

 Samsung Lions captain Oh Jae-il (37) made up his mind as a leader.

In an interview with Lions TV after being re-appointed as captain, Oh Jae-il said, “Rather than talking a lot, I think if you run one step ahead and set an example, you’ll follow suit. It’s a team with a lot of young players, so it’s difficult, but I hope many come. It would be nice to eat together…” He hates it when I visit him first. I try to treat him comfortably so that a lot of juniors can come and not find it difficult.”

A broad-minded senior with a lot of understanding. He is a senior who has a lot to learn not only in terms of personality but also in terms of baseball.

Jae-il Oh has pioneered his own path without giving up with his unique sincerity after entering the professional world. After joining Hyundai in 2005, he failed to secure his starting position for 10 years. He wasn’t even a home run hitter. However, through his unwavering efforts, he has been reborn as the best slugger in Jamsil. He was in full bloom around his 30s and stood tall as the best first baseman in Korea. He also wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics.

He is a senior who can serve as an example to juniors who are wandering because they are unable to reach their full potential even with good talent. She is a senior like a real older brother who can give great courage and help if she visits and talks with Oh Jae-il as he wishes.

Oh Jae-il took over as captain in place of Kim Heon-gon, who went down to the second team due to a slump during last season, and led the rebound of the Park Jin-man acting system. The position he took on behalf of his junior, who suddenly gave up his claim. He had no choice but to be burdened, but Jae-il Oh said, “I think it’s right for me to do it now,” and did not shirk responsibility and took on the heavy responsibility to correct the situation.

Until the end of the season, it was evaluated that he brought the team together in harmony with the new and the old by silently leading by example with soft charisma. New captain Oh Jae-il played a big role in reviving hopes for the final 5 at the end of the season.

Based on this positive evaluation, Oh Jae-il continued as captain in the new season without any disagreement within the team. 메이저사이트

Oh Jae-il said, “I came with the mindset that I would make a claim when I came to the camp,” and pledged, “Last year, I took on a lot of responsibility during the season, but this year, I am a senior and have to hold the center of the team, so I will work harder with a sense of responsibility.”

A reliable senior who will lead the juniors. But Okinawa is a beginner. “I’ve been here for the first time since joining Samsung,” he said, expressing satisfaction, saying, “I’m asking a lot of them. The facilities are so well equipped that I think I’ll be able to do a lot of exercise.”

Oh Jae-il, who wore a Samsung uniform in 2021 as a free agent under the condition of up to 5 billion won in 4 years, scored 20 home runs and more than 90 RBIs for 2 consecutive years, giving strength to Samsung’s hit line. It is a successful recruitment case that is evaluated for setting a clear target with a large body and upgrading the infield with stable catch ability.

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